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  1. As a Pit Bull owner, I work to fight BSL all over the country. I live in FL and I worked hard on the recent MD bills. I was devastated by what those legislators did. The documentary, “Beyond The Myth”, hit home for those of us in FL. Please don’t take this the wrong way, Ohio legislators wouldn’t even vote on Nitro’s law. I realize, Pit Bulls were dropped from the vicious dog list in Ohio recently. Pit Bulls are burned alive in OH and it’s a misdemeanor. Animal cruelty is a felony in most states. We all fell in love with Herbie, the abused dog from Lorain, OH. BSL rips families apart in Ohio too. I would love to see this film.

  2. Is this screening in Chicago? If not, we would love to be a part of any effort that goes into bringing it here. There have been discussions of a pit bull ban for a few years now, and I feel this could make the public lean the dogs way. Please let me know if we can help! We have sound and lighting equipment, complete with DJ set-up and a DJ; not to mention a beautiful boxer pit named Lolly.

  3. I would love to see your documentary. Unfortunately, I will be at our dog adoption event on Saturday. Will there be another showing or can I purchase a DVD?

    Thank you for helping the dogs!

  4. I’m appalled by what’s going on in Ohio & I had no idea! I moved to NC few years ago & though irresponsible; there are many dog owners of Pits where I live. (I rarely see any other breeds) I rescued (took) my beautiful Pit Athena from an owner that fought, bred, & abused her. It took A LOT g hard work, patience, love & educating myself…..(per Cesar Milan…yes his methods work) to rehabilitate Athena! She loves & is protective of children, her pack of cats, & loves to go to the park & find a group if kids to chase her! Even at 9 years old, having 8-10 litters of puppies (with 8-10 each), being beaten & fought from birth until 3, she made it! To assume all Pits are aggressive and single them out is outrageous! If this law sticks, I may never move back to Ohio because I’m a pit lover & as much as I’ve helped Athena, she’s helped me through many hard times & has protected me from many Bad situations, people, & when my “special” cat Rascal has attacked me! Thanks to all of you in Ohio advocating for all Pits!

  5. Hello, I would really like to see GTPI, but can’t afford the dvd. Is there a way to rent it…Or will you be doing a screening in Florida soon? I am a big supporter of bull breeds and enjoy your Twitter posts.

  6. No breed should be banned. Every dog is different. I’ve met Golden Retriever’s that scared me. . And so far. . I’ve never met a pit bull that didn’t want to give me loads of doggie kisses. It’s how they are raised. Fear is the biggest problem in dogs. When they are raised poorly or abused and they have fear of a certain thing. . That sometimes gets interpreted as aggression…. it’s not. . It’s fear and they are special cases that need to be dealt with differently..I know first hand. … please don’t assume all of a certain need are bad. .. that’s like “dog racisim”. Give each dog; regardless of breed a chance.

  7. These Dogs were not born vicious ! It’s the idiots like Michael Vic breeding these dogs to fight . Anyone caught doing this should be punished to the fullest extent . Also in Michael Vic’s situation . He should have never been able to play ball again .. This is So Cruel.

  8. GTPI needs to come to Maryland. I believe we are the only state now that deems all put bulks inheritedly dangerous. Please help us!!!!!!

  9. Living in Ontario, with ban in place. Left us scrambling for dogs we had to ensure they were lisenced, fixed and try to prove they weren’t dangerous. Leash free zones and friendly parks were now a place we couldn’t attend anymore and our once walk in the park while fetching a stick was replaced with a muzzle. Although half of the people on our walk couldn’t identify our breed properly it was a name they were given. Any dog with a muzzle was now marked bad and wasn’t allowed to play. Sadly waiting in Ontario for a new bill to pass. I hold on to my dog hoping for another day, he is accepted.


  11. I was viciously attacked by 2 golden retrievers as a child. They were euthanized due to this attack. Of course it was found that they were abused. Also have been bitten by labs and an Afghan. I have to rescue pits and yes they are so loving- my female much more than my male. Princess Andi….the name says it all.

  12. Having just come across the trailer for this documentary on twitter and having gone through then pain of having a beautiful, sweet pit forcibly taken, held in a police “kennel” and then eventually destroyed I have a vested personal interest in the subject. It would be interesting to see how the issues in the states compare to ours in the uk, let’s hope this documentary creates the same impact as “Blackfish” and “The Cove”

    • David – if you know of any journalists who are willing to write an article about the issue there, we will send a press kit out. Let us know! We are determined to see the end of this ridiculous law!

  13. I can’t find this documentary anywhere! Not on Netflix, not in the “movies” in my area, and not in stock at my local library. Please tell us where we can view this Very Important film! Thank you. Love to Preston and all who helped save him xOx

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