the trailer

The official “Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent” trailer, published on February 22, 2013

19 thoughts on “the trailer

  1. Will there be a viewing up in Skagit County in Washington? The Seattle drive is a bit much for me after fighting traffic that direction for work all week.
    Maybe when it’s released for sale some of us could get copies to donate to libraries so people could check them out?

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  3. Hi Jeff, it was a blessing meeting you at the Carson Animal Shelter – if there’s a screening in LA, we would love to attend. – Eliza, Jonah’s mom

    • Hey Eliza! I’ve been meaning to reply since you left this, but have been swamped. Hopefully you were able to get your baby out of Carson! Let us know if you need anything from us!

      • Hi Jeff! Thank you for remembering us! I RSVPd for July 12th, excited to see the film and to see you again! Jonah has been back with us since August of last year, but unfortunately is now labeled as “Potentially Dangerous” and is on probation for 3 years. She has to wear a muzzle everytime she’s out and also a ridiculously ugly neon yellow and orange collar 😦 . Nevertheless, we are happy she’s out, thanks to Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue! See you soon!

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  5. Very interested in getting the truth out about Pit Bulls. I have been a fan of PLP for some time, however I live in Northern California. If this becomes available on DVD, would like to know and get a copy (or copies) for our Community Library.

  6. I sleep in bed every night with 2 pitties and they are full of love and my family. Breed specific legislation is VERY STUPID and EVIL. Proponents of this discriminatory legislation are totally deluded and they need to be stopped. It makes me so angry. I would love a chance to see the entire documentary.

  7. This film NEEDS to have a screening in Clarksville TN. As a volunteer at animal control, I see far too many sad cases involving pit bulls. And as a proud owner of 2 (rescued, one from Ohio) and many others who stand up for them daily this would be just wonderful.

  8. So sick of these mutants using these creatures for entertainment and financial gain! They need to start euthanizing the humans who have these fighting rings and not the dogs! If more of them knew they would be facing death we might just see a whole lot less of these barbaric acts!

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