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The wait is over! After 5 long, but educational, years, “Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent” is ready to be seen by the masses! We have been doing public screenings around the U.S. starting with our premier in Cleveland, Ohio on April 28, 2013! Below are the following cities who have been booked, and archived screenings we’ve already done. Check back often to see the updated list, as more screenings will be planned and posted once available. To host a screening, use the “Contact Page” on this site.

2014 Cities

06/14/2014 – Cleveland, Ohio
Hosted By: For The Love Of Pits

07/11/2014 – Los Angeles, California (***Free Screening***)
Hosted By Best Friends Animal Society – NKLA
To RSVP, email Candi at candic @

07/12/2014 – Los Angeles, California (***Free Screening***)
Hosted By: Best Friends Animal Society – NKLA
To RSVP, email Candi at candic @

07/31/2014 – Boston, Massachusetts (area)
Hosted By: “A Voice for Tyson” and “Braveheart Pit Bull”


Past Screenings
2014 Cities

02/11/2014 – Baltimore, Maryland
Hosted By: Stubby Dog Project and B-More Dog
Sponsored By: Best Friends Animal Society

04/09/2014 – Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City Film Fest – *Official Selection
Sponsored By: Best Friends Animal Society

05/08/2014 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hosted By: MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission)

05/16/2014 – Louisville, Kentucky
Hosted By: Slugger City Bully Buddies

2013 Cities

04/28/2013 – Cleveland, Ohio *Premiere*
Hosted By: Badges for Bullies

05/29/2013 – Portland, Oregon
Hosted By: Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

05/30/2013 – Seattle, Washington
Hosted By: Hosted by GTPI

07/27/2013 – Los Angeles, California
Hosted By: SoCal Pit Bull Team

10/06/2013 – Columbus, Ohio
Sponsored By: PetPeople
Hosted By: Peace for Paws OhioPetPromisePowell Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)I Have A Dream Rescue

10/13/2013 – Jacksonville, Florida
No More Homeless Pets Conference
Sponsored By: Best Friends Animal Society

10/19/2013 – Tucson, Arizona
Hosted By: Pit n’ Proud

10/19/2013 – Austin, Texas
Hosted By: Love-A-Bull

10/22/2013 – Las Vegas, Nevada
Hosted By: Peace Love and Pit Bulls

10/24/2013 – Boise, Idaho
Hosted By: Idaho Humane Society

10/27/2013 – Richmond, Virginia
Hosted By: Gracie’s Guardians

11/17/2013 – St. Louis, MO
St. Louis International Film Festival – *Official Selection
Sponsored By: Best Friends Animal Society

67 thoughts on “the screenings

  1. Any plans for overseas? I’m in Melbourne, Australia and would love to see this, if not any idea when we will be able to purchase a digital/DVD copy?

    • Hello,
      We would love to do some screenings overseas, but Australia may be a little expensive for us to come. But, we do have a video on demand and DVD plan coming soon. I would say summer time is a good estimate for those to happen. Please keep an eye out for that news!

    • Hey Carrie-Anne! We have one screening in the works right now in Canada, and it is not that far away from Hamilton…Is about an hour too far? We will post that news coming soon🙂

      • Omg. I would love to facilitate here in canada. Here we call BSL, Bull Sh!T Law. It’s very unfair and unjust to judge something based on looks, to be found guilty before any act to be judged guilty on. If this documentary can save dogs lives please find ways to make it reach the world.

  2. Galesburg Illinois is 3 hours from Chicago. We recently had a tragedy where a 7 year old child was killed by a starving, tethered, unaltered, mistreated pit bull in a backyard. The dog was shot and now the city is looking at ways to ban and or restrict pit bulls. Our community would benefit greatly by seeing your film. Is there any way you would consider coming here?

    • We have a Chicago screening in the works, but you are probably referring to bringing it to the Galesburg area too…? If so, we don’t close any door for cities in need, and if anything, we want GTPI to be not only a compelling story, but also informative. Especially when legislation is being discussed that does not offer public safety towards all dogs and humans. We will do a little research on that area, hopefully we can come up with a plan.

  3. Delaware is the nation’s second smallest state. but we have tons of pit bulls down here. The City of Wilmington (basicaly, the one and only “real” city in Delaware) has some pit bull legislation, though it is not as tough as many other places. Is there any possibility this will be coming to the Northeast?

    • Cheryl – we hope to bring GTPI to as many cities as possible. We just started scheduling screenings, so we don’t have any discussions yet in Delaware, but that can change. If you know of an organization that would like to host the screening, please pass them our contact information:

      Thank you for the support!

  4. Pit bulls are everywhere and in massive numbers, and very often abused or neglected. Animal lovers need to step up to keep these dogs safe from bigotry and misunderstanding. They have become a severely discriminated-against minority. They only have us to help them survive with a fair shot at a normal life.

  5. Please let me know when this comes to Idaho! My son owns 2 pits, one he rescued the other is his sweet baby girl that he adopted as a baby. I have many friends that are pit fans & are horrified by the recent finding of dog fighting in Idaho. I abhor animal abuse of any kind. Please also let me know when you will release your DVD. Thankyou!

  6. Would love to see it come to Vegas. Where the shelters are so crowded with put bulls it’s really hard to even go there.

  7. very confused…is this a 2nd GTPI film? I could’ve sworn that I’ve seen 1 before, but the trailer looks like new material. Anyway, we’d love to see it in Houston!

  8. If you don’t have a Dallas/Fort Worth date in the works, it would be incredible to see you guys here. Thanks for what you are doing and I cannot wait to see the film!

  9. Pls pls bring to Dallas, Tx area. We have a lot of good people doing great work for bully breeds down here! Thanks for all you do!

  10. ONTARIO CANADA NEEDS THIS MOVIE BADDDD!! The whole province banned pit-bulls back in 2005 and we NEEEEED to get this shit changed!!! we need neeed neeeeed it!!! Hope it can happen and hopefully change WILL COME!!!

    • Thank goodness someone else from Ontario is on here with me!! I didn’t see your comment before I asked when it’s coming to Canada!!!! I also hope change will come!! AND SOON!!

  11. Hi guys, we truly need to have this film shown here in the Inland Empire (SoCal) maybe here in Norco shown in a park where folks can bring their bully breeds with them. So many different horrible views can be changed with a wonderful film like yours. Thanks Vanessa

  12. Please come to North Carolina! I am from Winston-Salem and live in Charlotte during the school year and I know of a lot of people who would love this! I will drive anywhere that’s not too far away!

  13. Are these films available in leesville louisiana. We need them here too. Many small towns here have banned putt bulls. Unlike most people in louisiana, I strongly believe in nurture, not nature. It’s all in how you raise love and teach. It has nothing to do with the breed. I wish y’all could have a viewing of GRPI here in leesville. Maybe it would open these closed minds.

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  15. I would love to see a screening in Phoenix. Maricopa county is one of the largest intake facilities in the county with a majority of dogs coming in being labeled pit bull type dogs. The more education the better!

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